How to Enroll

1. Sign Up for MyHusky

Head over to the registration portal to opt-in to MyHusky and personalize the categories of information you would like it to access. 

2. Download the Amazon Alexa App

Download the Amazon Alexa mobile application from the Apple App Store or Google Play.


3. Enable the MyHusky Skill

Search for MyHusky in the skill store within the Alexa app and enable it for your account.

4. Link Your Husky Account with MyHusky

Within the MyHusky skill, follow the directions to link to your Husky account. You will need to login using your myNortheastern username and password.

You're Ready to Chat with MyHusky!

You can now start asking MyHusky questions to help you navigate your university experience. To start chatting say, “Alexa, ask MyHusky…”

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