Privacy Statement

What is MyHusky?

MyHusky is a skill on the Amazon Alexa digital assistant platform that entails building a personalized experience for all students, accessible by both voice or chatbot on your phone, personal computer or other personal devices. Students who opt in and consent will have the ability to link their Northeastern account to n-Powered’s platform so that MyHusky will be able to identify who is seeking information and provide a personalized response for each student. Should you opt in, accessible information will include your individual class schedule, account profile information, Husky Card balance, student account balance, housing assignments and other information that you consent to share with n-Powered.

How is data accessed?

To enable the skill to work, n-Powered will store your name, NUID, and advisor information which will help Northeastern and n-Powered identify you and provide answers to many of your questions. Sensitive personal information such as social security numbers, passport numbers, or other personally identifiable information will not be transferred or stored anywhere other than in Northeastern’s secure server.

All data transmitted from Northeastern Servers will be encrypted with the highest level of security.

Where does Amazon fit in?

We use Amazon’s platform to make this work. Amazon stores information about usage that can be purged upon request. According to Amazon’s website, Amazon Web Services (AWS) are GDPR-ready. You can read more about this in the links below. If you have any concerns about this, please contact

How does MyHusky use your data?

This data is going to be used to provide you with personalized information when you need it via smart phones and other personal devices.

This data is never going to be sold, distributed, or shared with a third party other than the purpose stated above.

What can you do to protect your data?

Security is a shared responsibility. While Northeastern and n-Powered will do our part to keep your data secure while it’s in our care, users should be aware of their surroundings when configuring their MyHusky settings, and using the skill. Once you have opted in and authenticated to MyHusky Voicebot, your information will be ready and available for use, and verbal responses may be overheard. This also means that anyone else with access to your device will be able to ask your smart speaker questions about YOU. This may expose your personal information inadvertently. Please use caution when linking MyHusky to devices that may be available to individuals other than yourself.

Users will need to authenticate prior to each session with MyHusky Chatbot. Please remember to log out of publicly accessible machines when finished.

How can you opt-in?

We will provide options for you to opt in to either the voicebot, or the chatbot, or both. We will also provide options for you to opt in to only the categories of data that you consent to make available to the n-Powered platform for use within MyHusky.

How do you opt out?

You can update your preferences at any time by going to n-Powered’s MyHusky website. You will have the option of opting out of this entire application at any time by going back to the opt-in page and selecting the check-box that reads “Opt-out of all”. Please note that if you opt-out, all your data will be removed from this platform. You may also opt-out of just the voicebot, or just the chatbot, by deselecting either option.

If you have any questions, please contact the Office of Information Security at

How do I get more information about Northeastern University’s privacy practices?

Northeastern University’s privacy statement is available online.


Yes, I have read the FAQs and want to participate in MyHusky to be able to get personalized answers to my Northeastern-related questions on my smart phone or other personal device. I understand and acknowledge that in order for me to get personalized responses, MyHusky will draw information from secure Northeastern servers, and I expressly consent to making my personal data, as indicated later in this registration, available to MyHusky on the n-Powered platform. I acknowledge that some of the data that I can consent to having made available to the n-Powered platform is considered FERPA-protected data. I understand that my information may be transmitted in an encrypted form but that no other personal information will be stored except as noted above. I agree to indicate which specific data I am willing to have MyHusky access, and I understand that I can change the categories of information I have consented to make available at any time or opt out of the entire application at any time, by selecting the “Opt Out” checkbox and then the “Continue” button on the following page. I understand that I will have the option of removing my data from the platform.

Need Assistance with MyHusky?

We want your experience with MyHusky to be helpful. If it’s not, then we want to make it right. Visit our support page for answers to some commonly asked questions. If those don’t help you, then the Northeastern ITS Service Desk is ready to assist you. 

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